More Books, More Details, and a Reader Poll

Author Brian Staveley
My fans are the best.



Actually, I suppose I would be writing more books no matter what. Let me rephrase that:



The official deal announcement at Publishers’ Marketplace is as brief as it is sweet:


I can shed a little more light on what I’ve got planned through a hypothetical Q&A. Or a real Q&A with a hypothetical interrogator. You get the idea…

Are you writing another trilogy? Not yet. Each of these books will stand alone.

Why aren’t you writing another trilogy??? I want to explore a lot more of the world I’ve created, and I want to try my hand at a shorter form.

I WANT ANOTHER TRILOGY. Sorry. Also, that wasn’t a question.

Isn’t calling a 175K-word novel “short” sort of ridiculous? Not if you’re comparing it to a 290K-word novel, which is the finished length of The Last Mortal Bond.

I want the books to be set in the same world as the Unhewn Throne trilogy. That wasn’t a question.

You’re being an asshole. Also not a question.

Fine. Will these books be set in the same world as the Unhewn Throne trilogy? At least some of them, yes. In fact, you can VOTE in the comments below if there’s something you’re particularly keen to see.

Are these books going to be about the same characters? Some yes. Some no. There will be a blend of new and familiar faces.

Is Gwenna alive at the end of The Last Mortal Bond? I can’t answer that.



Kaden? Look, all I can tell you is that some of the characters die and some of them live.

DO NOT KILL THE CHARACTERS I LIKE. Apologies in advance for killing any characters you liked.

KILL THE CHARACTERS I DON’T LIKE. This is starting to feel less and less like a Q and A…

What are you going to write about in these new books? I have a whole batch of exciting ideas, but I also really want to hear from you…

ME!?! No, not you. I want to hear from everyone else reading this. IF YOU HAVE A REQUEST, or idea, or even a brazen demand, feel free to LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Obviously, I can’t promise that I’ll write a book about everything everyone wants, but you never know – if enough people weigh in on something I’m already considering, that might be enough to shift the scales. Also, feel free to ask any other questions you might have.

Finally, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over to all of the wonderful readers who have read the books, sent encouraging email, posted reviews anywhere and everywhere, pushed the novels on their friends and family, and generally supported this whole endeavor. I’m so grateful to be doing this for a living, and for the chance to keep doing it – a chance I owe to all of you.

65 thoughts on “More Books, More Details, and a Reader Poll”

  1. Beeeeeee (@Beester_02) says:

    Any and all stories/history concerning the Flea. Pretty Please!!!

    1. Marie Johnson says:


  2. Mark L. says:

    I think *everyone* wants a Flea book at this point. So… I’ll list a few others I want to see.

    I want to see Rampuri Tan’s history.

    Ditto with Pyrre.

    Or maybe a sequel where the two of them fall in love and it’s all flowers and happiness and… (Hey, I’m allowed to have *one* funny suggestion.)

    I want a novel with an Urghul setting. If they’re still around post-TLMB, that might be a cool follow-up, seeing how the war affected and restructured their society, and all that.

    Final suggestion: A character named Mark. Preferably in the Kettral. (Though honestly, *anything* with the Kettral I will love.)

  3. Glenn Curry says:

    1. I agree with Beeeeeee above…stories about the Flea….(if he lives)
    2. I was always a fan of tales. You’re at a inn on a cold winters eve, enjoy drinks by a warm fire telling stories. Happy stories, funny stories, scary stories.
    3. I’ve mentioned this before, the first lunatic that thought flying on the back of a kestral was a good idea….probably a person who drank too much ale on a cold winters eve and heard one too many heroic tales…
    4. love the concept of stand alone novels.

    1. Shelly Bagchi says:

      Ooh, the first Kettral rider would make a very cool story!

  4. Paul Walsh (@Paul_J_P_W) says:

    I think a book set during the initial rebellion by the emerging mortal humans could be a good book angle.
    Also some small part of the history of Ashk’Lan would be great

    1. psiamiam says:

      Oh yes, the emerging humans story would be fascinating.

  5. psiamiam says:

    The story of il Tornja’s path from god to bureaucrat, how leaches came to be, Roshin’s and Rishinira’s journey through time . . . argh, the list of histories is endless. The world you’ve created is so complex that it leads to massive speculation about how it all came about.

    Just keep writing fabulous stuff, please.

    1. Shelly Bagchi says:

      Wish we could like comments here. +1 to this!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hey there,
    I’m thinking it might be cool to hear more about the Ishien. How they got started and what turned them so far from the path of the monks. I mean, you gave us the gist of why they are like that, they led very terrible isolated lives, but it would be interesting to see things through their eyes. Or just reading from their perspective to further understand their culture. We were kind of outsiders in their world reading from Kaden’s perspective, I would like to see how they interact with eachother. How about a super bad ass Ishien bounty hunter traveling the word looking for tips on Csestriim activity!!!!! Who is the Ishien physician? They have to have a physician. I bet he’s really kind hearted and maybe listens to the men’s woes helping them combat their PTSD while conjuring up some amazing medicinal remedies. Sorry I’m getting carried away…
    I’m excited to hear that you’re writing more stand alone books in the same world! Will they follow a consecutive timeline or jump around? Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait to read your next book! I will cry if you kill Gwenna!! Looking forward to all of the thrilling adventures to come!!!

    1. Shelly Bagchi says:

      I love your excitement and I totally agree! Haha

  7. Anmiryam says:

    Congratulations! Never doubted that you would proceed, but nice to have it in the bag, though I don’t envy you the deadlines. In very general terms I’d love to see you develop a story that incorporates the role of the arts (theater, music, storytelling) in the Annurian Empire or the countries beyond its borders. I’ll leave the details to you, it’s your world!

  8. ScottyP says:

    Take the flea the whole way back to his days in the school and essentially reboot the series with him as the lead, but I will take any additional books at this point. I am a big fan and will continue to recommend your books.

  9. Angela says:

    I don’t have any requests beyond: PLEASE keep writing amazing stories, worlds, and characters that I can read about!!

    Also, this hypothetical Q&A made me laugh out loud! Thank you for brightening my morning

  10. Nathan says:

    I would like to learn more about the Atmani Leach Lords. Rise, fall, maybe some of the in between stuff.

  11. Angela says:

    I don’t really have any requests other than you keep writing awesome books, set in amazing worlds, with characters I want to meet (or sometimes DON’T want to meet). Which I know you’ll do!

    Also, this “hypothetical” Q&A made me laugh out loud this morning. Thanks for starting my day off right 🙂

  12. Xun-ling Au says:

    I would love to see more books set in the same world. However I would also love to see new worlds that you might have up your sleeve. All I really ask is that you put the same time, effort and most of all passion into them!

  13. anthonyhewson says:

    Congratulations Mr. Staveley! It is wondrous that you will continue to write – and that you will be remunerated for it!

    I would be fascinated to read any stories of yours set in worlds other than that of the Unhewn Throne trilogy. Though I cherish the world and the characters you have already created, I am eager to see the other ideas you may have.

    Either way, the world is a brighter place for your stories!

  14. DJ (@MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape) says:

    I don’t think this would necessarily be an idea for one of the books on your new contract – maybe as a side project for fun?- but what about some poetry? Some explorer in the Unhewn trilogy world that goes around writing about what they see in different locations of the lands. (Maybe it’s even monk so we can get some drawings?) Or maybe even a historian/poet who writes some of his own poems about some of the events that have happened in the Unhwen Throne trilogy.

  15. Scaper4 (@Scaper4) says:

    Can’t wait for more books. Actually, I can’t wait for The Last Mortal Bond (but I am…waiting….and waiting). I’m jumping on the Flea bandwagon, and I’d totally buy the story of the Kettral. And if Kaden survives the trilogy, I want more Kaden!

  16. erik purvis says:

    what were those critters down in the hole called……the ones the kettral cadets had to deal with? POV story for them!

    oh, and Flea! we’re all in for the Flea!

  17. MaryBrit says:

    First of all congratulations, it is well deserved!…in regards to suggestions:
    – Please write more about the mythology & pantheon of the gods
    – History of the Annurian Empire would be nice
    – A collection of Kettral stories maybe??

  18. janschubert says:

    FANTASTIC! I look forward to seeing what you decide to write about! I agree with previous comments that more about the Flea and the Kettral would be very interesting. Also Pyrre, of course! And I would love to learn more about the emergence of humans and how the young gods fit into the picture!
    Congratulations on your contract! But then we always knew you were destined for greatness!
    Loved the hypothetical Q&A! After reading what some people post on these, I don’t think you are too far off the truth! Great answers!

  19. ArgentSun says:

    Contrary to most comments, I actually *don’t* want a Flea story. Or, rather, I do, but I feel that the indirect reputation you have built for him makes him a better character than you – or anyone – can write on page.

    Rampuri Tan would be interesting though. As will the Kettral. Depending on how The Last Mortal Bond goes, a story set in the world a few years after could be interesting too, but obviously I can’t suggest characters for that.

    Seeing more of the magic and how it works would also be exciting.

    1. MadProfessah says:

      Agree with the ambivalent sentiments towards Flea. I’m much more interested in learning more about Pyrre. And the backstory of Rampuri Tan.

      I’d like to learn more about homosexuality is treated in the Annurian empire over time, hopefully by having a main character in one of the books that’s openly LGB.

      I would second the votes about having a story that tells the story of the leach lords (brother and sister pair from PROVIDENCE OF FIRE).

      This is awesome news!!

  20. Paul Highum says:

    I’m with the majority of people here in that I think more Flea would be wonderful, but I don’t think he should ever be your POV. Maybe a story set after COTUT, assuming he and the remaining members of his wing survive, set from the POV of the new recruit who replaces Blackfeather Finn.
    Other then that, there are a lot of suggestions about doing past histories like the Atmani or how Annur was formed. I think with that stuff you run into the issue of people already knowing the outcome so there is less suspense. I think stories moving forward in time, but that continue to reveal aspects of the past, are more interesting and have more at stake. Maybe more of the Western Deserts and the shadowrobes? Maybe something set in the Waist or Menkiddoc? Maybe more on the Kingdom of Anthera? As far as current characters, I would be way down for more of Valyn’s wing, assuming they survive.
    Regardless of what you do I look forward to reading it.

  21. Kitvaria says:

    I actually don’t mind what you write. As long as you keep up the good work, I’ll keep buying, reading and selling your stories! Thanks for a wonderfull adventure – and may I just say – you are no asshole 😉

  22. Robert says:

    Congrats Brian! Be careful what you ask for I suppose but you’re very deserving of continued employment. something about deadlines? (ahem) No specific thoughts on future storylines but i’ll be keen to see what you do. Perhaps a new element that wasn’t a part of nor was mentioned in the trilogy? Dragons? Be interesting to see the interplay between Dragons and Kettral 🙂

  23. Lynford says:

    Something that takes us to the Manjari Empire or facing gritty, guerrilla warfare at The Waist.

    One POV character I would like to see is a loyal Adolian Guard that Saniltun sends to rescue Valyn (the ones found dead on the ship at the beginning). When they were first introduced, they sounded awesome, an elite warrior that could go toe to toe with a Kettral. But subsequent meetings have shown the Adolians to be rather overrated, they seem no better than any other run of the mill soldier. I think there reputation has to be restored with some serious “bad-assary”.

    More Akiil also.

  24. toddfox says:

    Rampuri Tan
    Ran il Tornja as Hendran
    The Atmani Leach Lords

    Maybe a prequel about Sanlitun.

    I could make the list go on and on.

  25. nagrayson says:

    Maybe a thief’s tale in the Perfumed Quarter of Annur?

  26. slick says:

    Ok Ok Ok Requests.
    Atmani Leach Lords!!!!!
    The Leach from Dead Ox Falls!
    I’d love to see some action from Up in Vash 😀

  27. Amoami says:

    Maybe a book for the Leach Lords? Hahahaha

  28. nairnmcintyre says:

    Hey Brian
    Great news, congratulations on your new deal.
    What about more from the original war with the csestriim? I’m pretty sure there would be plenty to write about on that topic, though it may need more than one book.
    I need to ask though, do I really have to wait until March to get the last installment? I was getting all excited looking forward to January and was about to start my Emperors Blades audiobook at the start of December so I would be back up to speed with all of the goings on in Annur before book 3 but now I will have to postpone for a couple of months.

  29. joshoouh says:

    I would actually love to see what you would do with a more classical fantasy story: Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Wizards, Dragons, etc.

    You have such an intelligent writing style, making the world feel so tangible and rich. With your inate creativity I think you could render something unique and creative for a genre that most often seems repetitive.

    Speaking of being repetitive, I would love a Flea story. Even more I would to follow the first emergent human. I love your writing, it makes me want to write more. Thanks for sharing your world with all of us!

    1. bstaveley says:

      An interesting idea. I haven’t actually thought a lot about working in that more traditional mode, but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. As some people have pointed out, the Csestriim are sort of like really, really creepy Tolkienesque elves…

  30. singingmatt says:

    I would love to see more about the death priests and priestesses, whether it be about Pyrre or others!

    1. bstaveley says:

      You are 100 percent in luck. Provided I can finish this current manuscript, that is…

  31. Susan May Oke says:

    Reblogged this on Loving Life in the Rain and commented:
    A brilliant author who writes equally brilliant books. I can’t wait to read more.

  32. Chema says:

    I haven’t read TLMB, but if Kaden is still alive, well, even if he isn’t more stories with him would be welcome. Now, to argue my case, along with Adare, Kaden is perhaps the most complex character in the story. His attempts to become closer to the Csestriim are incredible, his transformation is also subtle but forever life altering. He becomes something in between, neither human nor Csestriim, and the reactions he gets from other POVs are so poignant. The monks we’re also somewhat like him, but the most fascinating thing is how he is so attached to his own feelings while being more and more proficient in entering a Csestriim mindset (to the human extent). This shows a stark duality in him that gives room for unlimited exploration. Maybe I’ll see all of that in TLMB, but Kaden has far more potential in him than three novels (novellas are also welcome^^).

  33. Nat says:

    Would love a book about the Flea

  34. Wrat says:

    After reading TLMB l truly hope a Valyn book is in the pipeline.
    If the world is a chessboard, He basically controls the center.
    I mean, how does anything happen without him figuring into it somehow.
    That and all the possible arcs for him — personal, political etc.
    So much potential.

    1. bstaveley says:

      I am definitely not done with him yet…

  35. Martina says:

    I would love to read pretty much anything about Gwenna and her Wing! If you feel like to write something in the past, maybe something about the Flea and his Wing would be amazing!

  36. Pasam Vinay says:

    Nevariim ,Csestriim and Humans , their intial dynamics . Gods and their children .. I don’t ask you to unravel all of the myths and mysteries of your world but but as SOS said in prologue ” There is always another war ” . Let us see the one that started before them all

    1. bstaveley says:

      I think I can say we haven’t seen the last of Sos or Axta…

  37. joba says:

    1. Re-establishing the Kettral Order. Gent and Daveen (provided she wasn’t il Tornja’s tool) come back to the islands along with the two remaining birds and Sigrid/Flea/Newt…guest appearance by Valyn

    2. Adare’s battle to establish control over the Kenta even though she cannot use them, but her son can

    3. Nevariim’s fight with csestriim, although I also like that the nev. were a fairy tale while the cses. turned out to be real

    4. Other sects that worship the gods in unique ways

    5. Annick. I’m glad her backstory wasn’t dumped all at once right after Manker’s, but I would like to know more about her and explore her character more in-depth

    1. bstaveley says:

      These are all great ideas, and I can more or less guarantee you’ll see some elements of the above. Actually, looking over the list, you might get almost all of it in the next seven or eight years…

  38. Jessie (@sospokejessie) says:

    1. Flea x Blackfeather Finn history as cadets in training. Also Sigrid.
    2. Trilogy about Pyrre — as a kid/teen, adult, ascendant godling – I want it all!
    3. The Atmani Leach Lords — this magic system is one of my favorite in fantasy so I’d love to see it explored through these guys at the height and nadir of their powers.

    1. bstaveley says:

      At least one of these is definitely on the way. Probably two. Maybe all three, actually, at least in the next ten years or so…

  39. dawgbiogirl says:

    Anything regarding our Kettral characters would make me very excited. I felt like you did such a wonderful job in The Providence of Fire for characterizing Valyn, Gwenna, Talal, and Annick that I actually missed them a bit when they weren’t around as much in The Last Mortal Bond. I understand why (and that there was a larger story going on), but I would love to read more about whatever they’re up to.

  40. Josh says:

    I always feel that stories leave me wanting more, not of the people and faces I have grown to love over the series, but of what happens next. This is no exception. While the Flea and Tan are really great characters to be sure, I feel I know them already.

    I want to know what happens next, aside from the world blowing up, the world does continue on. Seeing the aftermath of epic stories is something I always want to see, but rarely receive. Best I can attribute is Raymond Feist and his continued stories in the world that he made. They added a depth to that ever important character, the world.

    Anyway, LOVE your series, am looking forward to more adventures in this lovely world you have. Oh, and I love maps too 🙂 Would love to get a nice High Res version that I can zoom in on and look close.

    Thanks for all the words!

    1. bstaveley says:

      Hi Josh, Sorry for the massive delay in response! Been a sort of crazy summer. At any rate, I’m on the same page as you, regarding expanding and exploring the world. The next book doesn’t show what happens next, but it does reveal an entirely new portion of the world and some new characters. And then the book I’m about to start involves some old characters, but a massive expansion and exploration of the world. There’s so much to do, and I have another trilogy up my sleeve that takes place 20 years after the Unhewn Throne stuff. At any rate, thanks for the note. Here’s what I’m finishing now:

  41. Anorak says:

    Hey, I realise its almost a full year after this post aired, but I still wanna add this suggestion.
    firstly, I am a huge fan of the Unhewn Throne Epic, even though I read it in Dutch, I still find it an awesome story!

    I would love to see Kyle’s story (Kiel, the History-Writing Csestriim), what drove him from the murderous ways of the Csestriims and what has he encountered along his long path?

    also would love a story from Salintoens (the father of Kaden) perspective, how did he find out the plot to assassinate him? What difficulties did he face after he sent Kaden and Valyn away?

    again I want to say the things you have written so far are some of my personal favourites in the fantasy genre, looking forward to your new projects!

    1. bstaveley says:

      Thanks so much, Anorak! I’d love to write more about Sanlitun and his wife, whose marriage you just get a glimpse of in the second book. I imagine her having at least as much influence on the children as her husband, although in entirely different ways. As for Kiel, we haven’t seen the last of him…

  42. Seth I says:

    I really loved the way you wove the god/goddess’s being into the essence of what we think of being human is, and how when they die they just leave our world. It kept me thinking of what other worlds and worshipers they have. Would be really cool to have a book that sets the gods against each other, or zooms in on their drama and how they draw their power from different worlds based on their worshipers. Is there a world that is only influenced by pain, or pleasure, or ones where they all war against each other. A lot of power dynamics to play with here. Thanks again for the wonderful trilogy.

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