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Interview with Brian Staveley at
Interview with Brian Staveley at

Brian Staveley is one of the breakout authors of the past few years. His ‘Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne’ series has a ton of admirers from all around the world and their consensus is that each book has been better and bolder than the last. Inevitably then, the third book in the series, The Last Mortal Bond, is one of this year’s most anticipated books and fans are dying to find out what happens to our three imperial siblings within it. Charlie Hopkins, Fantasy-Faction’s foremost Staveley fan, was able to catch up with the author this week, the week of the book’s release, and talk to him about the trilogy now that it is completed. Here’s the result!

How does it feel to be done with the series?

It reminds me of the feeling I used to get after doing a long, exhausting, gorgeous climb. On the one hand, all you want is to be back up on the rock, moving over the stone, finding the right line, the right rhythm, testing yourself against the cliff. On the other hand, holy shit does it feel good to be back on the ground, alive, beer in hand, looking up at the route your just climbed from the comfort of a $10 folding chair…

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