I’m Not Dead! A Round-up of Recent Guest Posts

I'm Not Dead! A Round-up of Recent Guest Posts

To the untrained eye, it might appear that I haven’t written any blog posts recently. You might imagine me lounging around on the beach drinking mai tais. Well, you’d be partially right. I am on the beach drinking mai tais, but I’ve also been working, and writing blog posts – they’ve just been for other sites. Here’s a convenient round-up:

A Human Tooth in the Pasta; On the Limits of Outlining

Stop Pissing on the Floor; The Challenge of the Second Book

A Causal Fish-Fry; Taoism in the Unhewn Throne Series

The Lesson of the Selfie; or The Power of Point of View

The Limits of Empathy; or Macbeth is an Asshole

Altogether Elsewhere; or Enough About the Fucking Feast

An Interview

Another Interview

Yep, Another Interview

Rocket Talk Podcast Interview

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead! A Round-up of Recent Guest Posts”

  1. jaylykens says:


    I enjoyed these interviews a lot! Your pissing on the floor allegory was much appreciated, as well.

    Can’t wait for the third book! Happy writing.

  2. bstaveley says:

    Thanks, Jay! Glad you liked the interviews. It’s always tough to avoid repeating myself, but I think they cover some non-overlapping territory…

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