The Empire’s Ruin is Available NOW!

The Empire's Ruin: Book One, Ashes of the Unhewn Throne
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If you want to read the book that just about broke me, THE EMPIRE’S RUIN is out today. I’m proud of this one, in spite of (because of?) all the struggle it took to get it here.

There are monsters, abandoned cities, sea battles, lost artifacts of unimaginable power, quests, keel-haulings, card-counting, people fed to pigs. Mostly, though, the book is about failure–how we cope with it, or don’t, whether anyone can be redeemed.

If you’re in the US and want a signed, personalized copy, my local bookstore, @myvtbookstore has the hookup. Click here to get yours

If you’re in the UK, @binding_broken is doing an amazing job with protectively wrapped, bookplate-signed editions. Click here for more!

And thanks to everyone for reading, for waiting, and for believing in this book, even though it took me so ‘Kent-kissing long to finish it!

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